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red wine vinegar

red wine vinegar

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Intense purple colored red wine vinegar made from Pinot Noir and Acolon from our own cultivation. Unfortunately, the Acolon vineyard was destroyed during the catastrophic flood in the Ahr valley on 2021.


The destemmed berries are partly juiced, ground and fermented with wild yeast and acetic acid bacteria on the mash. The grape must from the partial juice extraction is gently boiled down and added to the fermentation starter. By fermenting on the mash, maximum extraction of the colorings is achieved. Hence the crimson of the vinegar!


Red wine vinegar from acetovit is suitable:

  • to make perfect sauces (sweet/sour)
  • to refine salad dressings (tomatoes/corn salad)
  • to taste cooked vegetables (red cabbage)
  • for preserving food
  • for the production of refined marinades

The vinegar is unfiltered. A depot at the bottom of the bottle is normal and does not represent a reduction in quality.


Composition :

grape must

6% total acid

Residual sweetness approx. 250 g/l

contains sulphites


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