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Apple balsamic vinega

Apple balsamic vinega

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Apples from our own cultivation (Boskoop, Berlepsch) or from fruit growers in Meckenheim are used for the apple balsamic vinegar. Apple balsamic vinegar contains a delicious sweetness from concentrated apple juice.


Apple balsamic vinegar tastes fruity, intensely applepy and is economical to use! It is perfect with all kinds of salads and for sour relishes or pasta salads. It taste really good in the Swabian potato salad with vinegar and oil. Apple balsamic vinegar has a growing fan community in Baden.

  • to make a perfekt sauces (sweet/sour)
  • for making salad dressings
  • for the production of refined marinades

Apple balsamic vinegar is unfiltered and contains parts of the mother of vinegar. All nutrients and Antioxidants are preserved. A depot can form at the bottom of the bottle.


Apples and apple juice concentrate

5% total acid

Residual sweetness 300 g/l

contains sulphites

Special containers 500 ml or 5 l PE canister on request (

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